Well, still no word from Apple on processing those tax forms so we figured we’d push ahead and add the things we were going to leave until the first update: achievements!

I am integrating both OpenFeint and GameCenter and letting OpenFeint do most of the GameCenter stuff. As it stands right now, I have OpenFeint working with the game, but I have yet to add all the achievements. If done correctly, OF should update GameCenter as well.

I have completed work on the Lite version, so as soon as we get a link to the actual app, we can submit it!

The current plan is to finish this achievement integration by Monday, submit the updated version and then finish up the work on the flash.

Joe has done a great job on the BlockHopper webpage! No link to it yet, but it’s ready to go when the app launches. :D

Back to Work!

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your holiday. :D The last two weeks have been a great time of relaxation! Our game, BlockHopper, has been submitted and approved by Apple! We’re just waiting for those tax forms to process before it is fully available. From what I have read, it can take a few weeks, so hopefully by mid-January it will be ready to go. :D

In the mean time, I have a number of small things to do:

  • Record a BlockHopper trailer.
  • Create and submit a Lite version of BlockHopper.
  • Attend an indie meetup in London, Ontario on January 24.
  • Finish work on the flash version of BlockHopper.
  • Create the text tool / make our other tools not as terrible.

Joe has already finished the GDD for our next game, so there’s much more to come!

GreenPixel had a formal meetup today for the first time since we decided to start this adventure haha. I am constantly amazed that we have started and completed two games and haven’t seen each other for 2 years. Thanks, humans!