Whew, the process of creating an iOS binary and uploading was not as simple as I thought! Uploaded now though and waiting for review. :) A bit of annoying news, we can’t release the game in the Canadian app store until our Canadian tax form is approved. I’m not sure how long that will take, but I’m thinking it won’t be quick! I believe it should be available in the US as soon as they give the ok!

3 thoughts on “Taxes!

  1. Looking forward to purchasing the game when its available in Canada! I have an Ipad though. Read you guys only have iphone and ipod touch to test? is this a universal app? Good Luck can’t wait!

  2. Thanks, Anth! While it should work on an iPad, we’re not releasing the game on it, since BlockHopper is a side-scroller and the controls would be weird :( Maybe next game!